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MTN Rwanda recognizes staff training as an organizational change strategy which includes all learning systems and strategies heeded for building the capacity of all MTN Rwanda Staff to respond to organizational mission and objectives hence sustainability.

The digital disruption comes along with its dynamic which may pose challenges in the working environments. Against this fact, MTN Rwanda would like to request for expression of interest to provide an internal digital learning platform with all kind of contents and in all types of learning formats.


     To equip our staff with the future fit, digital, critical and design thinking skills.

     To transition the staff skills into the digital of required skills by enhancing the different functional capabilities of our staff today.

     To constantly update the content in at least every 6 months to enable up to date learning and information

     To instill digital skills

     Simplify the access and navigation of the platform by the user. This platform should be user friendly in every possible way.

     Report the usage of the platform daily.

     To provide access and train the L&D team on the administration of the platform to provide any time supportive roles to staff.

Term of the Platform

The Platform is required by 31st October 2021 and should be live then. It will also provide the learning services for a period of a 2- year term starting 2021 to 2023 from the time of procurement, installation, and use.

Proposal submission Date

The proposals should be submitted within 5 days from today to allow for screening time and other processes to follow before 09th November 2021.

Interested entities can submit their proposals to Procurement2.RW@mtn.com or call +250 788312651 where it necessitates clarity.

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  • Nzeyimana joel1 year ago
    Muraho abagent muruyumwaka wa 2023 watangira abagent bashya mwadufasha iki ko nagikoresho nakimwe kituranga yuko dukorera mtn ex tuba turimubihombo mudufashe dukeneye ibituranga murakoze
  • Augustin5 months ago
    Tubashimira service muduha



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