Terms of Reference for selection of a consultant to develop MTN Rwandacell’s Business Impact Analysis, Business Continuity Plans and Disaster Recovery Programme

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MTN Rwanda_BIA, BCP, DRP ToR's

Introduction & Purpose

It is part of MTN Rwandacell’s strategy to improve its preparedness in ensuring continuity of operations, availability of critical resources, minimization of interruptions to business processes, and full recovery of business infrastructure and applications in the event of a disaster. To achieve this MTN Rwanda wishes to develop and implement a  comprehensive Business impact analysis, Business Continuity Plan, and  Disaster Recovery Plan (BCP, BIA &DRP Program) that will achieve this  objective in a timely, effective, and efficient manner.

Effective business continuity measures are critical for any business entity. MTN Rwandacell is committed to protecting its staff and ensuring the continuity of critical business and support processes to protect the organization, mitigate risk, safeguard revenues, and sustain both a stable financial service provision and customer confidence.


MTN Rwandacell is seeking a consultant to define, author and implement a Business Impact Analysis, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan.  Following are the objective of BC&DR Program 

The end-to-end service shall cover activities:

1. Identifying critical business functions of the organizations within MTN Rwanda. 

2. Identifying tasks that comprise critical business functions. 3. Assessing the criticality of business applications/ services and determine acceptable recovery time and 

4. Identifying the assets used by business units.

5. Documenting the impact of an extended loss to the operations and key business functions.

6. Determining immediate and extended terms system recovery requirements

7. Documenting opportunities to mitigate risk in all aspects of business continuity. 

8. Provide MTN Rwanda’s management with an understanding of the total effort required in resources, staff time and capital to develop and effective BCP &DR plan.

9. Develop a detailed recovery process flow that address the current physical location of the company. 

10. Identify the team(s) required to facilitate the recovery process in the event of a disaster.

11. Develop a BCP &DR plan that is understandable, in digital format and easy to use and maintain. 

12. Define a BC&DR plan maintenance plan that can be integrated into MTN  Rwanda’s ongoing business planning and information services process for  BC & DR plan to remain viable over time. 

13. Implementation of the agreed upon opportunities to mitigate risk in event of a disaster.  

MTN Rwanda will consider

 (i) Reputed Consultant Company, expertise in Telecoms in required (ii) an Expert seconded by reputed consulting company or (iii) an individual Consultant capable of providing the services detailed out in this document.

Note: More details on the scope and ToR’s will be shared to the preselected companies.

For bids submission please contact below email address procurement2.rw@mtn.com, Theonest.mugabe@mtn.com and mathias.rwanyonga@mtn.com

Deadline for proposal submission is on Wednesday 26th May 2021. 


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